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Effortlessly keep track of what you have, only pay for what you use, and empower employees with the latest tech. 

Empower your employees with the latest tech, with Grover Business. We take care of your tech procurement and management so you can stay focused on what matters most—your business.

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– Julia Profeta Johansson, Co-Founder & Co-CEO


"We like to explore  services that allow us to optimize our cash flow. Renting tech makes sense for us because of the flexibility to adjust on-the-go."





How many devices can I choose from?
Choose from approximately 3,000 different devices and order in quantities from 1-100+.

How long will my order take?
Items are normally delivered within 3-7 business days after ordering

Why do you need my ID/other verification?
We need to ensure that your company is in good standing and that a legal representative of your company has authorized you to rent.

Do you provide monthly billing?
If you rent more than 10 devices, yes.

Do you have flexible contracts?
Yes. All our contracts are flexible and don’t require any long-term commitment.

Do you cover costs in case of damage?
In the event of unforeseen damage, we cover 90% of the repair costs and 50% for drones. 


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Tech procurement is one of the most painful parts of growing your business. It is manual, expensive, and chaotic. How should your office manager know how much RAM an engineer needs? And why should your CFO have to run to MediaMarkt with the company credit card to get your salesperson a phone? Then your new designer can’t work because someone ordered them a Lenovo instead of a Macbook. Growing businesses don’t have time or money to waste managing your team’s tech. 

Grover Work, procurement as it should be.

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With a wide range of over 3,000 devices, including smartphones and laptops, we’ve got all the tech your team needs to be successful. 

Startup and scaleup-friendly

Tech procurement is often one of the most frustrating aspects to growing a business. We take the pressure off, helping you procure and manage your tech—without the usual headaches.

Simple, from start to finish

Whether that’s one month or one year, you decide as a company how many devices you want to rent and for how long, always returning them free of charge.

Low monthly costs

8,000+ companies trust Grover Business

– Dietrich Birt
Project Manager Digital Innovations


"We didn’t want to host yet another webinar-style team event, so we went with VR. Renting the headsets was the ideal solution given the limited time and resources we had."

Simple, from start to finish

Startup and scaleup-friendly

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